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1. You’re Unlimited

The problem with furniture such as Bespoke desks & Metal bedside Tables is that; mass-produced products are going to always be constricted and limited to colours, sizes and styles that are available. To eliminate this problem chose bespoke furniture that you have the opportunity to clearly state what colour, size and shape you require beforehand. The end product is something unique that only you have making it a rare individual piece that suits your exact needs and taste.

Bespoke Desks

2. Higher Quality

The vast majority of clients are searching for items that are higher quality that can be purchased off the shelf from any store or internet shop. People who buy Bespoke desks Furniture are searching for something that will have longevity and built to last, hence chose strong industrial materials like steel and oak can help to achieve this. The sacrifice is that it isn’t going to built constructed in a day. It takes quality time to create and build something to exact measurements that has been handmade to specific requirements. So generally speaking the lead time can be anywhere from 4-10 weeks. The more intricate and larger product may take even longer to deliver. For a lot of people buying bespoke furniture a big factor is this cost of production. You will pay more but the tradeoff is a higher product. A general rule of thumb is ‘The higher the price, the higher the quality’.

3. Longevity

As stated above, people who produce furniture put so much heart and passion into what they create, these manufacturers grow attached to their individual designs and products adding that extra care and strengthening the longevity of the product. Because so much time has been put into the design, they have time to be appreciated and passed down to future generations to come.


4. Unique Design

Choosing to buy from a Bespoke desks Company you are getting complete one off designs that is personal to only you. You have a step by step process during the production stage, so the furniture is exactly how you want it. Normally furniture brought from shops you may have to compromise on somethings but with bespoke, you get exactly what you want and need. A completely unique individual piece.

5. On Hand Experts

The plus side of working so closely with the company you chose, is the expertise and guide through they are able to grant you is priceless. In my opinion a great benefit in going totally bespoke is you get the best craftsmen constructing your product who really go the extra mile with detail and care. Craftsmen are the people who bring your dreams to reality. The can go even further to building relationships that last for example as your furniture is getting built you can come and see the process making the whole experience more personal and caring.

Why Buy Vintage Metal bedside Tables

Metal bedside tables were produced originally so people could hide chamber pots, although we have active plumbing pipes running through our streets, the bedside table has remained a staple feature in the bedroom. The victorian term for bedside table comes from the french word (commode) that stands for ‘convenient’. A bedside table is something that is still very much needed in the new age, holding items from morning to night, from alarm clocks to bedtime drinks and books.

Metal bedside tables


Whilst people try hard to keep their Metal bedside tables clutter free and minimal as humanly possible, it has far to many benefits to remain redundant. Simple clean organisation skills can go a long way and is vital to decluttering your table, a small dish can be used to store keys and jewellery or rest your mobile phone. If you wouldn’t feel safe they buy a lockable safe to place on the Metal bedside table to store valuable items.

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