Art Resource Directory

The following is a list of website resources which you might find useful and interesting. If you know of a site which other people might find useful then please add it to the site.

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Art tutorials and advice. This can be anything ranging from painting tutorials to airbrushing techniques. Basically anything of interest to aspiring artists and those wishing to learn new skills.


Painting and art supplies. The best places online to buy brushes, easels, mosaics, airbrushes, oil paints, watercolor paints, acrylic paints and lots more besides.


Finding work as an artist can be a challenge, here are a few links to help you in your search. Or if you are looking for work you are more than welcome to post a link here.


Funding bodies for artists.


Art and artist forums. Talk to other artists and pick up tips and help online. Forums are a really great way to share and learn from others experiences and knowledge.


News from around the world relating to Art.

Online Galleries

Online galleries of Art, simliar to this site.

Realworld Galleries

Galleries of interest around the world. These are actual brick and mortar galleries that you can visit, as opposed to online virtual galleries like this site.

Art Websites

Website related to art and artists. Including articles and art information.

Artist Websites

Artist websites, if you are an artist you can put a link to your site in this list.

Art Shops

Online art shops and places to buy prints, posters and original art from around the world.

Art Auctions

Online auction sites for fine art, contemporary and modern art and artifacts.

Online auctions are a great way for artists to sell their works to a huge international audience.

Every week ebay lists in the region of 7,000 original art works for auction. Read more about Jeff Cohen’s online auction success story, and how any artist, with the right skills and experience can really make a good living selling their works online.

However ebay isn’t the online place to sell art online, make sure you take a look at the other sites below as well.

Modern Art

Modern art shops, websites, resources and information. Modern Art is a general term, used for most of the artistic production from the late 19th century until approximately the 1970s. Art created post 1970 is often called contemporary art. Modern art refers to a new approach to art where it was no longer important to literally represent a subject (through painting or sculpture).The invention of photography had made this function of art obsolete. Now artist started experimenting with new ways of seeing the world, with fresh ideas about the nature, materials and functions of art, often moving towards further abstraction.