Art Auctions

Online auction sites for fine art, contemporary and modern art and artifacts.

Online auctions are a great way for artists to sell their works to a huge international audience.

Every week ebay lists in the region of 7,000 original art works for auction. Read more about Jeff Cohen’s online auction success story, and how any artist, with the right skills and experience can really make a good living selling their works online.

However ebay isn’t the online place to sell art online, make sure you take a look at the other sites below as well.

Ebay Art Auctions
Antiques & Art Bid for original art at ebay.

Aus Auction
Australian based auction site with hundreds of items, including a selection of around 200 art works.

Yahoo Auctions
Yahoo also have auctions for all sorts of items, including Art. As always they are a good bet.

Bonhams is not only the world’s fastest growing auction house, it is also the world’s oldest and largest auctioneer of fine art and antiques still in British ownership. The name Bonhams is recognised worldwide throughout all sectors of the fine art, antiques and collectors market, and several of its departments are established world leaders within their fields. They cover a broad range of items, f…

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